HILEA, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Posted by ewanvfe on 10/04/2009

Hilea integrates the functions of hotel, home, club and medical clinic
Constructed on a lot of 27.9861ft2, the building is divided into two sections: a low horizontal base, containing three floors for the common areas of the hotel and the clinic activities; and a high-rise, measuring 164.041’ lengthwise and 55.77’ in the width consisting of eight floors where the suites are distributed. An ICU was set up on the rooftop with a differentiated characteristic, it has wide windows looking out onto the garden, allowing the patient to connect with the outdoors and stimulating their convalescence.

Occupying a total of 144.236 sq ft of built area, Hiléa offers contemporary architecture as well as practical and functional materials, visually warming up the building with the use of woods. Promoting tone contrast, the building also received pre-fabricated laminated melamine in a light color. As a solution to filter natural light intensity, gazebos were installed in the ground floor as well as the rooftop, creating an identity and providing shade.
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