Oval Speed Skating Center for Winter Olympics, Sochi, Russia

Posted by ewanvfe on 12/03/2009

Sochi’s speed skating rink prepares for 2014 completion

Set within a rare location which takes advantage simultaneously of views of the mountains to the North and the sea to the South, the design for Sochi’s new Oval Speed Skating Center incorporates this advantage throughout. The longer sides are opened up to allow users to see the most predominant architectural image.

Generous concourses and the main hall itself have been designed to give the users the sense of being immersed and surrounded by mountains and forests: an extensive use of timber will finish the interior adding to this theme.

The total capacity of the stands will be 8,500 seats, distributed as follows: visitors 7,457, VIPs 396, TV positions 60, journalists 176, observers 168, athletes 232. The stands are completely demountable in order to provide maximum flexibility in the post-Olympic period, when the Oval will host other Sports events, concerts, exhibitions, and so on.
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