Afyon Thermal Hotel, Afyon, Turkey

Posted by ewanvfe on 09/02/2009

Hotel complex designed for Afyon, Turkey

The building complex is designed as a thermal hotel complex composed of thermal hotel, spa center, conference center and thermal clinic located in Afyon where the region is famous for its thermal springs.

The location of the site, being on the highway at the periphery of the city, guided to design the project as an introverted complex with individual expression. The main concept of the design depends on the inner courtyards complemented with the green elements. The tectonic expression of the building is created as an interpretation of the existing landscape and continuation of the environment to the architectural configuration of the building.

The general plan of the building is designed with reference to the urban elements as streets, squares and courtyards. The hotel and clinic functions are planned individually with independent entrances while they are linked to each other at the lower lobby. The roof of the thermal center is designed as a green area at the ground floor. The courtyard typology is continued at the interior of the building as an atrium at the corridors of the room floors of the hotel and clinic blocks.
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