St Leger Homes, Doncaster, United Kingdom

Posted by ewanvfe on 30/04/2008

Crawford Partnership has won the RIBA competition to design an extension for approximately 3,000 bungalows.

Crawford Partnership’s RIBA competition winning scheme to extend a stock of up 3,000 bungalows in the Doncaster area switches the front and rear access and attaches a partially prefabricated module to the new front. A light well articulates the connection to the bungalow which subsequently dictates a more coherent internal layout. This influence spreads to the rear where further works are undertaken to improve the external spaces. In order to facilitate a staggered implementation, the front, internal and rear works work independently of one another and can be adapted to suit slight variations in bungalow types.

Practice director, Alan Crawford, said: “We are looking forward to working with St Leger Homes. The essence of our proposal centres on providing a simple, flexible and economic solution to extend each home and is based on a collective of cost effective, sustainable ideas that the practice is currently exploring and implementing on other projects.”
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