Kiev hospital in Ukraine

Posted by ewanvfe on 16/04/2008

bdpgroupe6 design the Kiev hospital in Ukraine
Following a competition win at the end of last year against a strong field of seven competitors from Germany, Holland, Italy, UK, Ukraine, and USA. Bdpgroupe6 is now appointed to design a 250 bed children’s hospital in Kiev, Ukraine. The All Ukrainian Health Protection Centre for Mothers and Children (The Children’s Hospital of the Future) will be a multipurpose child treatment and prevention institution with highly specialised and technologically advanced departments. The site for the hospital is in a stunning area of forest at the edge of Kiev and the design is a highly sustainable building which is sympathetic to the site. The new building separates the treatment and diagnostic areas from the ward areas and buries the former block beneath a ‘green’ roof so that it merges with the forest floor. The ward blocks are inspired by the Ukrainian tradition of the ‘dacha in the woods’, re-interpreted within a modernist aesthetic. The client’s intention is that the building of this up-to-date healthcare institution, of a European standard, will help to focus human and material resources, implement highly efficient technology and ensure high level of treatment and diagnostics. The new hospital will combine all the necessary components of a children’s hospital: general paediatrics and surgery, oncology, oncohematology, and a peritoneal centre. It is also intended to set up a research and training centre for paediatric doctors which will help to integrate Ukraine into the world medical community

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