Gateway Art Tower

Posted by ewanvfe on 12/03/2008

Under construction
Eric Owen Moss
Gateway Art Tower

Los Angeles, California

Image courtesy Eric Owen Moss

The Gateway Art Tower is under construction on the corner of a prominent intersection in the center of the Los Angeles basin. Along with vehicular traffic, the site will see significant exposure due to its proximity to the City’s new mass transit project, the Exposition Light Rail Line, currently under construction.
The surrounding urban fabric is comprised of largely underdeveloped industrial and warehouse buildings dating from the 1940’s. Over the past 20 years, however, the area has been the subject of an unprecedented urban renewal project, Conjunctive Points development, an urban scale collaboration between the architect, Eric Owen Moss, and developer which includes a business complex and multiple commercial and cultural projects.

Image courtesy Eric Owen Moss

The new structure will function in many different capacities. As and entrance “Gateway,” the project will announce the arrival of visitors to the ongoing Conjunctive Points development, and as such, will be a visually arresting sculptural object.
As an “Art tower,” the primary role of the structure will be to communicate culturally significant content to both the visitors to the development as well as to the greater Los Angeles community.

Image courtesy Eric Owen Moss

The Tower will be composed of a series of conical screen segments made from an advanced rear-projection polymer that will afford vibrant, large-scale images to be projected and fully coordinated from within. Multiple floor levels occupying the space within the screen elements can function equally as informal gallery space, cafes, and viewing platforms.
A garden/amphitheater will be constructed at the base of the tower for small lectures.

Image courtesy Eric Owen Moss
Tower of information

Image courtesy Eric Owen Moss
Tower as announcement

Image courtesy Eric Owen Moss
Tower used for gallery installation

Image courtesy Eric Owen Moss
Tower rings display animated text

The superstructure will be constructed entirely from standard steel sections and 1/2” steel plate. The steel assemblies will be shop constructed in large segments and delivered to the job site for erection. At the base, a deep foundation system composed of poured-in-place concrete piles and a continuous pile cap will provide support.
The project contains one open steel stair and one glass enclosed elevator. The screens will be 100% acrylic and will be bolted to the superstructure.

Image courtesy Eric Owen Moss

Model photo courtesy Eric Owen Moss

Model photo courtesy Eric Owen Moss

The project was considered an “Architectural feature” and subsequently was determined to be exempt form the 43 feet height limit for the existing industrial zone designation.
The construction of the new steel structure involved the demolition of 5,235 square feet of an existing 1940’s two-story masonry building.

Photo: arcspace

Total area: 1,486 square feet
Total height: 72 feet
Estimated completion: 2008

Client: Private Developer
Architect: Eric Owen Moss
Structural Engineer: Arup, Los Angeles


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