Sanjay Puri Architects Fluid Urban House in Mumbai

Posted by ewanvfe on 18/02/2008

Roofs, walls, floor level slabs & balconies merge together in a fluid way across both vertical and horizontal planes encapsulating spaces within this three level urban house. A courtyard punctuates the three levels allowing natural light and cross ventilation to the inner spaces while visually connecting them. A glass screen wall traverses the courtyard continuing on either side as a divider wall between the structure creating a 4 bedroom bungalow on either sides for two families that would be occupying the house as per the brief. Situated along a main road in Mumbai the house overlooks large trees towards the front and an airport on the rear. Large shielded balconies front each room overlooking the trees and the airport open grounds. The continuity of structural elements create a fluid composition of volumes in this urban house. Area of project – 20,000 Sq. Ft.

A fluid house
Sanjay Puri Architects Pvt Ltd



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