3XN’s Danish University South & Science Park South in Denmark

Posted by ewanvfe on 09/01/2008

A unique combination of culture, education and private research companies is to be united in a building complex at a beautifully situated area right by Als Sund in Sønderborg, southern Denmark.
The aim of the project is to establish a much more frequent collaboration and knowledge sharing between the public educational sector and the private research sector for bilateral benefice. Outside working hours, the building complex should be offering a broad variety of cultural events using the auditoria, libraries, meeting rooms etc. in the building. The cultural offers, however, will be centred on a new concert hall – the new home of Sønderborg Symphonics.
The building complex has been broken down into an appropriate scale in accordance with the idyllic surroundings. Building volumes with short gable ends alternate with atria buildings, in order to provide sufficient transparency and daylight.
An important issue has been to establish a lot of casual meeting points, so that students and scientists will get together and exchange knowledge and become personally acquainted. The entire ground floor is therefore open to everyone, and here you’ll find all common facilities like meeting rooms, libraries, auditoria etc.
Security is established as a horizontal division – the ascent to the higher levels require key cards. This way, it has also been possible to open the building in the evenings, and to integrate the concert hall as part of the total building concept


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